Terrific resource for sign language

signingLearning sign language? We still are. We found this fantastic site with little videos of the signs and even descriptions for memory associations, to learn it faster! It allows up to 5 sings at a time, or if you register (we tried their free registration) – 10 signs at a time. Fully registered users get unlimited number of searches, but then it requires a fee. 10 signs per session (we do a few sessions a day) is more then enough for us. Really worth to check it out: Sign Savvy.

UPDATE: after the trial period, with free membership we actually getting 5 signs at a time and memory aids are available only for a fee.

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Signing Times

Signing TimesI feel like a silly writer-character in the old joke, who gets so many positive responses for his own novel, that decides to go and read it himself. I’ve passed on the recommendations to get Signing Times videos to many-many-many parents, who later became huge fans of these videos. Recently I found them on the YouTube: Caterpillar Dreams. I was enchanted: beautiful singing, excellent signing (yep, siGNing), charming illustrations, adorable kids. What more could you expect? But that’s not all! I really love that all the words in the songs are shown as signs, not only “key words”, so a lot more signs are picked up along the way. I absolutely love, that while new signs are introduced, the words are written on the screen, so it aids learning to read as well! This video definitely deserves two thumbs up! (Oh-oh, I should go and find the video with the right sign…)

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How To Teach Your Baby Sign Language

Our original sign language article is under construction, so I just post some of the resources until we have a chance to post it back:

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Can TV or computer be harmful or helpful for kids development?

As far as I remember, American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the parents to avoid showing TV to their kids until two years old. As for educational videos, there are a lot more videos that just claim to be educational, like Baby Einsteins: Baby Einstein videos harmful for kids?

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Baby Sign Language Video

Imagine: knowing what your baby wanted before he or she were able to talk! Reducing frustration, encouraging thought, increasing language development… Now you can! Sign Language Works!

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No Testing!

Huh?! What do you mean no testing?

Exactly that: testing is exactly the opposite of fun. Testing is putting the child on the spot which he didn’t ask for. Testing is a sign of distrust to your child – you don’t TRUST him, that he knows, you need PROOF.

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