Baby's Physical Development: crawling, creeping and brachiating

Baby CrawlingThere have been so many questions and discussions regarding crawling, creeping and brachiating, that I thought it deserves a separate article.

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Teach Your Child To Be Physically Superb

Newborn Baby Swimming

Since I was a teenager and saw a TV program showing tiny newborns floating around regular home bathtubs, I was dreaming of one day teaching my own future kids to swim right from birth. With my firstborn I couldn’t find any resources, so we started around 9 months, when our public swimming pool opened. I got some books and by a year he could swim underwater. So if you are looking for materials on teaching babies as young as 6 month to swim, see Teach Your Child to Swim for resources, book reviews and results.

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How smart is your baby? – book review

I’ve finally got my hands on “How Smart is Your Baby?” by Doman. Since someone recently was asking if this book is worth buying (in addition to other “Teach Your Baby” series) I decided to post this review:

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Top 10 Reasons a child should be on a sports team

  1. No matter how shy your kid is, he will always be welcomed and will always find good friends in a sport team.
  2. Participating in sports will allow the child to discover previously unknown reserves of his or her body. When your whole team is behind the child, sky is the limit to what he or she can do.
  3. By exercising regularly the child will get used to staying fit. Flab? What flab!
  4. Child’s self esteem will get a huge boost. If the kid tries again and again, and finally succeeds, he becomes aware of what he is capable of and this feeling will stay with her for life!
  5. The kids will learn things about themselves that no one may tell them. The better the child knows herself, the better chance he has to succeed in life.
  6. Life is not always fair. The child needs to learn how to loose, make conclusions and come back victorious the next day.
  7. Learning to be a team player. Literary. Everyone’s life will be surrounded by many, many people as the sooner our children can figure out how to deal with them the better chance they will have to succeed.
  8. Sports and exercise are essential part of one’s good health, including children
  9. “A sound mind in a sound body”
  10. In almost all cases, PARENTS are the ones who get all excited and thrilled watching their little Jill or Johnny succeed in sportSo whether it is skating, skiing, football, karate, baseball, soccer or swimming… Get some outdoor sports toys and/or sign up for tryouts and get rolling!

Dry Drowning Facts

Can you believe that the child can get out of the water, and die from drowning hours later?! Yet, this is entirely possible. 4000 people die from dry drowning each year, 1400 whom are kids. What IS dry drowning?

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How to Teach Your Baby To Swim by Douglas Doman

How To Teach Your Baby To Swim from birth to age six by Douglas Doman is a long awaited book on introducing newborns to swimming. A detailed set of instructions, beautifully illustrated with photographs, is separated into 8 chapters, having a chapter dedicated to each age segment. Well written and easy to understand, it has quite a lot of wonderful techniques:

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Teach your child to swim

Summertime. Swimming pool. Beach. Kids are splashing, screaming and our mind automatically sets into the usual math routine on when we should start teaching them to swim. And, of course, there is no need to wait – whether the baby is a few weeks old or had quite a bunch of birthdays by now – he is ready to enjoy real swimming!

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No Testing!

Huh?! What do you mean no testing?

Exactly that: testing is exactly the opposite of fun. Testing is putting the child on the spot which he didn’t ask for. Testing is a sign of distrust to your child – you don’t TRUST him, that he knows, you need PROOF.

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