Encyclopedic Knowledge cards for babies – revisited

With three kids in a tow finding time to update the educational materials that we use became quite a challenge. Yet I was asked a question recently about Encyclopedic Knowledge cards for babies, as as I was answering it, it grew into its own little post, rather then a few comment-words.

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Geography materials: World biomes pinmap

P1180986world-biomesAbsolutely fantastic resource: files to create your own pin-map with different biomes, and cards with excellent pictures and descriptions of them. Thanks to Liesl Den for sharing this! I am busy printing and cutting. I think I'll group it with our “Top 10 Largest Deserts” and “World Biomes” (by Perla Adams) presentations.

World Biomes Pin Map.

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European Bingo Game link

European BingoThe link for an European Bingo Game… is here! See more information about it in European Bingo Game – Free Board Game!, but you can download the game itself using the links below.

The file with the game turned out too large, so I split it out into two:
European Bingo 1: Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic
European Bingo 2: UK, France, Northern European Countries, Southern European Countries, Natural Wonders

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European Bingo – free board game!

European BingoWhile our little stuffed mouse Maisy is happily enjoying Barcelona (see more about this here: Maisy The Mouse Goes Traveling), I finally had a chance to upload our most helpful tool for learning about Europe: the European Bingo Game, that I designed back at the time when I was participating in a Montessori Continent Swap.

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Maisy is going to Barcelona, Spain

Maisy's PassportThe little stuffed mouse Maisy is on a mission to travel around the globe and help us learn more about the world! (See more about this here: Maisy The Mouse Goes Traveling) So with his little laminated passport safely stashed in a toy backpack behind his shoulders, Maisy is joining our very kind neighbors on their family trip to Barcelona, Spain. And while we anxiously wait for them to to return, we trying to learn some fun facts about Spain in general and Barcelona in particular. These are the resources that we used to make learning fun:

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Matt Hudson's Randomzier for Power Point is finally here!

Many parents have reported that the fantastic randomizer by Matt Hudson no longer is available at its original location: Matthew Hudson's Doman plugin. So, now everyone who has problems with the original location, can download it from ChildAndMe: zip file “Doman”.

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New Geography Unit for us: Antarctic

AntarcticSince we did our Montessori Continent Box Swap, Geography became part of our daily lives. Every musician that we study, every animal we encounter, every artist we find, every scientific experiment that we do, we tie up to some geographical location and “wonder around” a bit.

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Word Treasure Hunts grow into Educational Fairy Tales!

Free chemistry book

Thanks to Lore at playschool6 Yahoo Group for sharing this fantastic information:

The American Chemical Society is offering an entire chemistry curriculum, complete with online lessons, a free downloadable book, activity sheets and lots more — absolutely free.

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