Early Spankings Make for Aggressive Toddlers, Study Shows

Spanking – this is a highly debated issue. Some believe a good swap on the butt can't do any damage. Some believe that the damage can be quite substantial.

The study is published in the September/October issue of Child Development is analyzing if the spanking one year olds can result in a more aggressive behavior as the children grow. The researches noticed that spanking is considered more appropriate in the low income families, then in high income, so 2,500 white, Mexican American and black children from low-income families were analyzed. The low income families have been chosen also because some behaviorists claim that if spanking is considered to be a cultural norm, it doesn't have an effect on the level of aggression in a growing child.

Apparently, these behaviorists were proved wrong.

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I hate the word “NO!”

I do. I really hate to say the word “NO!” Yet I don’t believe in anarchy – saying “yes” all the time is just as troublesome. Or even dangerous! How do you say yes to a kid, who is about to run over a busy intersection? How do you say “yes” to a toddler who is about to sample some household chemicals into his mouth? How could I say “yes” to my own two year old who got very upset that I did not allow him to cut my tablecloth with scissors?

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10 Powerful Strategies to Bully Proof Your Children

Bully Proof Your Children – 10 Powerful Strategies to Stop Bullies in Their Tracks
By Jeni Hooper

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How to prevent & handle tantrums: The Five Steps

This is absolutely terrific: “The Five Steps are a technique developed by Lisa Kuzara-Seibold, Minister of Early Childhood Education at Word of Grace Church in Mesa, Arizona….” read more and click your browser “Back” button to come back for more techniques and resources available on this site.