Some of these animal babysitters were just too irresistible and funny to pass up…  Enjoy!

animal babysitter

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George Washington's discoveries – through kids' eyes

This pearl is my own kid's. Couldn't resist sharing.

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Baby pig-toes?

My friend was playing with her 18 month old son, gently touching every single one of his toes:
“This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed home!
This little piggy had a salad,
This little piggy had none…
And this one cried all the way home: wee-wee-wee!”

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Baby Wipes to the Rescue

How did I ever live without these wonderful little pieces of moist towellets? Before my son was born I had no idea the many uses for baby wipes.

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Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas