Drowning people don't call for help!

Pamela Druckerman and her familySomehow the image of a distressed novice swimmer, thrashing in the water and calling for help is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of drowning. Wrong. While such behavior is often shown in the movies and could still occur, this is not drowning yet. Apparently, drowning person is not capable of screaming, thrashing and calling for help in any ways at all! Most of the thousands of kids that drown every year, will quietly do so within a few feet of their unsuspecting parents… terrifying, isn't it? Well, I found this article a true revelation:

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CAR SEATS!!! Child's safety – opinions needed!!!

Baby DrivingIs it finally the time to transfer my older one, Sunshine, into the next level car-seat – the booster? He seems so big compared to my little one, Smiles. He seems so mature, so tall, so… so isn't he ready? This is a hot question and I wish there was one answer.

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Tylenol May Weaken Infant Vaccines

TylenolMy babies always feel out of sorts after a series of vaccines. Their body temperature would rise, as well as their fussiness. My pediatrician routinely advises to give them some Tylenol to make them feel better. Apparently – not a good idea.

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Sunscreens that work; lotions, shampoos, soaps that are safe

You watch what your child eats. You religiously smoother your little one with sunblock from head to toes. You remind them again and again to wash their hands. You help them wash off their tearless shampoo. You both have fun building soapy mountains of bath foamy babbles. You put some nice smelling lotion before bedtime. And what would you say if you found out that all of that can do more harm then good?

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Where did I come from? How to talk to your kids about sex.

As much we dislike it, we absolutely SHOULD talk to our kids about sex. Unless, of course, you prefer some Mr. Know-All enlighten your innocent little one on a school bus. Here you can find some suggestions and resources that I could find on this topic.

My friend just shared a fantastic story about her own kid:

My friend’s 7 year old, Jacob, comes home from school, rushes over to mom and screams excitedly: “Mom, where did I come from?”

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Diary and Egg replacements

My kid has egg allergies. Milk allergies. All kinds of allergies! It’s a nightmare: food is falling apart, he can eat only food from home, to every party we come with our own versions of pizzas, cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc. Search for substitutes is a never ending story for us. If you feel like you are in the same boat, or you prefer to avoid certain foods from other considerations, you might find these resources helpful:

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The Language of Autism

I found this video absolutely… astonishing? Astounding? Interesting?

In My Language

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Moms Help Moms Duck Postpartum Depression

The baby is here. The baby is perfect: rosy cheeks, huge eyes, sweet smelling hair… so why the mommy is ready to cry any second?

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Letting Infants Watch TV Can Do More Harm Than Good

Yet another article stresses the harmful effect of television on little children. How is this article different from the rest? It examines various studies all over the world, all of which, unfortunately, indicate that TV watching has more bad then good for the little children:

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