Sleep Trainer shares her view on Cry It Out Loud method as a professional and as a mother

SleepingThanks to SleepbyConnection for sharing this wonderful personal insight in our Sleep Training discussion (see “Crying it out” may damage baby's brain and Cute parenting technique or child abuse?)
As a retired sleep trainer and now a sleep deprived mother, my knowledge of the brain, years of sleep training, years of working with all kinds of children, and now a new mother, I know deep in my heart that developing the limbic brain is very important. We as adults impose our own needs onto our children without much awareness of the long term effects.

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Montessori materials for a 9 month old

Sweeping the floorMy little one is turning 10 months in a few days. These are his favorite Montessori activities:

1. Opening and closing boxes

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Save the baby teeth!

Even though those teeth in your little one’s adorable smile are just temporary, we still have to take great care of them. How do you brush your kids teeth? Parents of toddlers probably want to ask: “how do you keep the baby from squirming away?” Parents of school-age kids probably would rephrase it: “How do you make sure they actually brush their teeth behind those close bathroom doors?” Parents of newborns probably ask: “When do you start brushing?”

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Baby Developing Games – 3-6 months

Baby looking in the mirrorI am continuing a list of activities/games that can be played with the baby to help his development… or just for fun!
See our Baby Developing Games 0-3 months old.

o Move toys back and forth in front of the baby. Label, label, label: “The teddy-bear is moving LEFT, the teddy-bear is moving RIGHT… LEFT… RIGHT…”
o Throw a ball up and down in front of the baby and label this movement as well.
o Mirror: sit in front of mirror and say “hi” to your baby, to his foot, to his head, etc

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Baby Developing Games – 0-3 months

Hang on there! Three months old hanging for 12 seconds! – developmental blog of a three month old baby.

Could you believe that a baby can support his own weight hanging for 12 seconds straight from his parent’s fingers?  Could you believe that a three month old would tell his parents when he needs a potty?  Could you believe that a three month old could submit an application to college?  I am just kidding about the last one, but these are the fun developmental activities that we’ve tried with our 3 months old baby and how they worked for us!

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2 months old giraffe hunter – developmental blog for a two month old.

1 month old miracle! – a personal developmental journey with a one month old baby.

… so, a month ago, we launched into an exciting journey: watching a little adorable newborn grow, and help him develop his potential to the fullest extent! We found many interesting books, methods, ideas and here I continue the description of the ones we’ve tried and how it worked for us.

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What can you do for your baby’s development? What worked for us.

Whenever I find a new interesting book, or a new system, or a program – I am dying to find out how it works for other kids, other parents.  So, I thought it would be helpful to other parents to share some things that we’ve tried with our kids, what worked and what didn’t.  Since we just had a new baby, it’s easy to start right from day one!

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